This page lists some technical documentation I authored. You can also read most of it on Issuu.

Linux Guide

A bundle of Linux cheat sheets structured as a quick reference guide. Includes material for the LPIC-1, LPIC-2, RHCSA, RHCE, and CEH certifications. New editions are published yearly.

Linux Guide, 10th ed., March 2022

Previous editions:
1st ed., May 2013
2nd ed., September 2014
3rd ed., July 2015
4th ed., June 2016
5th ed., September 2017
6th ed., August 2018
7th ed., May 2019
8th ed., January 2020
9th ed., January 2021

Enigmail Handbook

The first official manual for Enigmail, the OpenPGP plugin for Mozilla mailclients.
Note: this document is obsolete. Since version 78, Thunderbird includes native OpenPGP capabilities and does not need an external add-on (Enigmail) to do this. As a consequence, Enigmail has ceased support for Thunderbird in October 2021. Up-to-date information can be found on the Enigmail website.

The Enigmail Handbook 1.0.0

Appunti di Fisica (in italiano)

I miei appunti manoscritti di Fisica 1 per il corso di Laurea in Fisica; in pratica un condensato del Resnick-Halliday, integrato con esercizi svolti.
Programma: Vettori, Moto unidimensionale, Moti piani, Dinamica del punto materiale, Lavoro e energia, Conservazione dell'energia, Conservazione della quantità di moto, Urti, Cinematica rotazionale, Dinamica rotazionale, Equilibrio dei corpi rigidi, Oscillazioni, Gravitazione, Statica dei fluidi, Dinamica dei fluidi, Onde nei mezzi elastici, Onde sonore, Temperatura, Calore, Teoria cinetica dei gas, Entropia.

Appunti di Fisica [PDF, 54 Mb]

Telecommunications course

Slides of the Telecommunications (COSC 2670) course I taught at Webster University during Fall 2014.

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