Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fiction is a kind of software that simulates environments through the use of text, and in which the player interacts with the environment by typing commands.
Both a computer game and a literary genre, IF reached the peak of its success during the golden age of home computers, the early-mid 1980s, when it was better known as "text adventures". One of the reasons for its popularity was its text-only nature, which allowed easy portability on different platforms and did not require extended graphic or computing capabilities – the player's imagination standing in for that.

Today the genre flourishes again as a new form of narrative, thanks to a large online community of talented authors / programmers and their readers, also outside the anglophone world. It is amongst this community that gems such as Shade, Violet, Anchorhead, and Curses have been written.

This page intends to pay homage to the genre by showing walkthroughs and solutions for some of them. These are below.

by Daniele Raffo         page created on 1 January 2015         page last changed on 29 November 2021